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his approach on foreign policy, focusing primarily on u.s. relations in the middle east. the g.o.p. contender portrayed the president as naive in his dealings with our enemies inand enempty with our friends. >> i know the president hopes for a safer freer and more prosperous middle east applied with us. i share this hope. but hope is not a strategy. it is our responsibility and the responsibility of the president to use america's greatest power to shape history not to lead from behind, leaving our destiny at the mercy of events. >> eliot: romney went on to explain what he would do to assert american leadership. >> romney: i'll put the leaders of iran on notice that the united states and our friends and allies will prevent them from acquiring nuclear weapons capability. i'll support the libyan people's efforts to forge a lasting government that represents all of them. and syria i'll work with our partners to identify and organize the members of the opposition who share our values, and then ensure that they obtain the arms they need. finally, i'll recommit america to the goal of
us. >> a pleasure, eliot. >> eliot: let's start with the important question. what do we know about al-qaeda's attacks in the consulate in ben gassy. >> this was a well planned attack. somebody had been casing the consulate in benghazi for some time. whether they acted on the spur of the moment or if they had direction in outside of libya remains to be scene. >> eliot: the difficulty given the uncertainty and it's impossible to get your arms around all the facts very quickly. but the difficulty then is how do we then move in our evolving relationship with the new libyan government to control al-qaeda's presence and respect their sovereignty. where do we go in this evolving arab spring, in libya in particular. >> a lot of this takes time. building up a strong system of government, institution of government libya in particular build gadhafi never wanted an institution that would rival his him. every political faction within libya has weapons and obviously at least one of them or more used them on the consulate a few weeks ago. >> eliot: what i hear you saying, and what i think is critic
>> jennifer: well, thank you all for joining us here on "the war room." 33 days until the election. get out register and vote if you're an early voting state. we'll see you tomorrow night. >> eliot: good evening. i'm eliot spitzer and this is "viewpoint." the first presidential debate of the 2012 campaign is over. president obama could be forgiven if he wanted to press the reset button. the candidates were all smiles as they came out shook hands in denver last night but when the 90-minute debate was over, mitt romney was the only contender with a reason to keep smiling. according to a cnn poll, 67% of adults thought romney won the debate compared to just 25% who picked the president. 46% of undecided voters in a cbs poll gave the win to romney to just 22% for mr. obama. nearly a third of the undecideds were undecided. romney's positive rating rose above 50% for the first time in this campaign in a reuters poll. the president's ratings stayed unchanged at 56%. romney stayed on the attack even though his position
to medicare. the verdict is the language mitt romney uses, the verdict is false. >> romney: pre-existing conditions are covered under my plan. >> i have to rate that mostly fiction. >> eliot: while the obama campaign fought back today, the president seemed tired and disconnected and glad it was all over last night. >> obama: i want to thank governor romney because i think it was a terrific debate. and i very much appreciate it. >> eliot: minutes later liberal commentators began screaming about the attack lines the president could have used but ignored. why no mention of romney's damming comments that 47% of americans were freeloaders dependent on government handouts. obama campaign adviser david plough had an answer. it wasn't very good. >> 47%, that's an issue that 100% of the country knows about. the president wanted to tell the american people here's my job plan. focused on energy and education on the right way to fix the deficit. romney's approach is the wrong approach on taxes on deficit on wall street re
are going to try to use this as a wedge issue while the republicans try to use benghazi as their wedge issue. i suspect both topics may go away as of november 7th. >> hopefully not. i think that the president did a fantastic job last night on jay leno saying that he basically said that male politicians should not be making decisions for women. that's what a lot of women feel. >> john: such a pleasure to have you both here. does colin powell's endorsement mean anything? >> not as much as it did in 2008. he used to be the war hero when he was with bush. now he endorses obama. it is all colin powell. >> i think if he endorsed romney, that would be a big irstory -- bigger story. >> john: i think you're right. tina depue and eric boehlert, two of the smartest people i know. thank you both so much for your time tonight. a programming note, governor eliot spitzer will be back tomorrow live from l.a. where he's also appearing on real time with bill maher. catch him tomorrow night at 10:00 p.m. eastern on hbo. coming up toni
to be members of our cabinet. i went to a number of women's groups can you help us find folks, and they brought us binders full of women. >> eliot: but according to the coalition groups at a fill those binders romney told the story backyards. she told the "huffington post" that hiving top-level women was an initiative of women's organizations to make it be something that he had to follow through on. he didn't go out looking for these binders. romney also bled a bit when he dualed with the president over their personal investments. >> romney: mr. president, have you looked at your pension? mr. president, have you looked at your pension. >> obama: i don't look at my pension. it's not big as yours, it doesn't take me long. >> eliot: and romney struggled over the strike that killed four americans in ben gas did i. >> obama: the day after the attack i stood in the rose garden and told the american people of the world that we were going to find out exactly what happened. that this was an act of terror. >> romney: you said in the rose garden the day after the attack that it was an act of terror? it wa
: all right. everybody thanks for joining us in "the war room." 32 days until the election and we will see you here on monday. >> eliot: good evening, i'm eliot spitzer, and this is "viewpoint." the september jobs report is in. and the numbers are better than expected. way better. the unemployment rate below 8% for the first time since january 2009. it's good news for president obama, after his underwhelming performance in wednesday' debate. and bad news for mitt romney, and his conspiracy-minded supporters on the republican right. more on that in a moment. according to the bureau of labor statistics, unemployment dropped to 7.8% last month down .3 of a percent since august. employers added 114,000 new jobs. including 104 in the private sector and 10,000 in the public sector which had seen months of steady decline. in july's number revised to 181,000 with an additional 40,000 new jobs. president obama shared the news with a cheering crowd at a campaign appearance in fairfax virginia. >> obama: this morning we found out that the unemployment rate had fallen to its lowest level sinc
congressional district. congressman, thank you as always for joining us. >> thank you. >> eliot: so how did last night's debate affect florida voters? it is still listed, florida that is, in a tossup category. although it seems to be leaning toward mitt romney right now. do you think the president made any ground up last night? >> i think he certainly did. look, he seemed like the president. he seemed like the president of the united states in full grasp of the fact. mitt romney seemed like somebody with 15 minutes of material trying to spread it out over 45 minutes. he seem to have this wonderful gift to string together words that mean nothing. i wrote down a couple of them as i was watching with my family. first answer, we need a comprehensive and robust strategy and we need to coordinate with our friends to address the rising tide of tumult. what does that mean? how can somebody who claim to be the president and give out vacuous nonsense like that? >> eliot: let me ask you this. there's no question that over the last
it was not the optimal response at least to the american people as far as us all of us being on the same page. >> obama: here's what i'm going to say, as far as four americans getting killed, it's not optimal, and we'll fix it. >> all of it. >> obama: all of it. >> eliot: john mccain is it not like either response on the fox news this morning. >> the optimal line was regrettable and makes me sad. for him to say that every piece of information they got they laid out to the american people was one of the most disengenius statements i her heard. >> eliot: reporting within 24 hours of the attack that there was evidence it was carried out by militants and not an mob-angered anti-muslim video. it's unclear who had access to that information in the days that followed when the obama administration was claiming publicly that the video had triggered the attack. i'm joined by nicholas burns at harvard's kennedy school former secretary of state for political affairs and ambassador to n.a.t.o. and to greece. ambassador, thank you for joining us. >> hi there, eliot, thank you. >> eliot: looking forward to monday, wh
it that you don't like because you think it is coercion was the operative word you used there. is there something coercive by diverting nature about this kind of communication do you think? >> well, it is sort of like a guy who is a member of the mob coming to you and saying eliot i like that car you got a lot. i wouldn't want anything to happen for it. by the way i'm running for city council. that's what what's going on here. it has a chilling effect on workplace political discussion. imagine if you want to go out and campaign for obama or put an obama yard sign in your front yard and you know your boss is against obama. you're going to be careful about doing that, especially in this economy where folks can lose their jobs so easily and it is important to state that unless you're a member of a union it is legal to fire someone for their political beliefs. >> eliot: mike, i'm not so sure i agree with you. we'll take that up in a second. i understand your view. joe, you're out there in the political fray day to da
in the region. >> romney: the right course for us is working through our partners and own resources to identify responsible parties within syria organize them, bring them together in a form of -- if not government, a form of counsel that can take the lead in syria. >> obama: israel has attacked, america will stand with israel. i've made that clear throughout my presidency. >> romney: if israel is attacked we have their back. >> eliot: this morning, vice president biden told "good morning america" it was as if the g.o.p. ticket had undergone a conversion in policy since the vice presidential debate two weeks ago. >> i didn't see anything that the governor disagreed on. and he seemed to be desperately trying to demonstrate he agreed with the president's policies. it was sort of amazing. >> eliot: of course, there were some disagreements as well. >> obama: offered an opinion you've been wrong. you said we should have gone into iraq. you said that we should still have troops in iraq to this day. you've said that first we s
the republican perspective. and it would really take us back in time to--1972 when women didn't have that right. interestingly enough you know back then only a third of the working force was female. that's not the case today. >> eliot: this is--as the president said in the debate a few days ago, this is a social agenda from an entirely different era of american society. yet, mitt romney doesn't seem to be paying yet at least a huge political price for this. >> he hasn't, and i think it's our responsibility to make it clear to the women of this country that you are about to lose some very, very important rights. that no longer is it a decision about your reproductive healthcare going to be between you and your physician. the government is moving in, and they're going to be telling you what you can and cannot do. >> eliot: are republican women pushing back? i got to believe, and i may be fundamentally wrong about this, but i got to believe that the republican women, and they're a big demographic they may be saying this is a not a party that i want to be a part of. >> i don't think so. not one rep
up to our great twitter and facebook page. thanks for joining us here on "the war room." one month until the election. please register to vote. have a great night and we'll see you back here tomorrow night. >> eliot: good evening, i'm eliot spitzer and this is "viewpoint." a speck for is haunting mitt romney courtesy of the obama campaign. it is 8'2" tall and covered with yellow feather. more on that in a moment. first, the cnn poll showed if the election were held today, likely voters would favor obama over romney by just four points. while ohio has obama ahead by just one point. earlier today romney campaigned in iowa where he tried to appeal to the farm vote. >> romney: i will do everything in my power to strengthen once again the american farm the family farm strengthen our economy. >> eliot: but as romney spoke a plane flu over head that said crack down on wall street not sesame street. they are trying to exploit romney's promise to end government support with public television with that banner and this ad. >> big yellow a menace to our economy, mi
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. the u.s. today gallup poll released monday showed similar results. that requires the question, what has mitt romney done to court the female vote? perhaps his binders of women are bigger than initially thought. maybe tying women's issues to the economy is paying off. >> romney: why is it there are 3.6 million more women in poverty today than when the president took office? this president has failed america's women. >> is there any plan for maybe women, jobs, any plan in place for jobs specifically for women? >> get the economy growing number one. >> eliot: finish more on the president's eroding support by women, i'm joined by nancy keenan. thanks for joining us tonight. nancy, i've gotta ask you everybody knows the first stage of grief is denial. i don't want to suggest it but do you accept the fact that, in fact, the gender gap has disappear and that somehow we're in a new world in terms of how women are voting in this campaign? >> eliot, i don't. i think that the gallup poll is an outlier here. i think that
bernie sanders,ent senator of vermont. thank you so much for joining us tonight. >> my pleasure. >> eliot: is chuck schumer right that we could challenge the premise that rates at the top should come down. >> of course schumer is right. what the republicans want to do and some democrats is lower the tax rates for the wealthiest people in this country at a time right now, when the effect of what the wealthiest people actually pay is the lowest in decades. and even if you manage to close some loopholes you will become neutral -- you are not going to bring in any more revenue to help us deal with the deficit. shumer is right in saying we have to keep the tax rates where they are right now, then we close the loopholes, and then raid additional revenue. >> eliot: it seems to me the importance of what chuck did today was it became a premise of all of these so-called wanna be intellectuals in washington and somebody is finally standing up and saying that is bad policy. >> look eliot, let's be very clear, and after the election and the lame duck congress i'm come b
anono p parartyty nolan winning 48-44 right now. he used to be a congressman as well. it will be interesting to see how that plays out. and then ami bera against dan lundgren, a long-time republican. it could go either way that long-time republican could lose his seat. then my favorite, tammy duckworth versus joe walsh. well joe, it was nice knowing you. why is he down so much? it may be comments like this. >> they wants the hispanic vote. they want the hispanic dependent on government. just like they have african-americans dependent on government. >> there is no exemptions. >> don't blame the marketplace for the mess we're in now. i'm tired of h >> pick this president up, pat him on the head and say son son. >> cenk: well, we're about to pat you on the head and say son, son son there's the friggin' door, enjoy it. i wish the host had predicted this earlier hmm. >> joe walsh, the clown of the earth. he thinks on medicare you have to double down, go harder at it. he's first-termer. he's going to be wanted out. i would be surprised if he survived that first term. he's a
and washington is in gridlock because of it president obama reminds us that he inherited a terrible economy. it's not what he inherited but with the misguided policies that slowed the recovery and caused millions of americans to endure lengthy poverty. >> eliot: with change in the latest theme for the drive to the white house smith fired back saying, the only ching romney is offering is to take us back to the same failed policies that crashed our economy in the first place. president obama made a similar observation a little more colorfully when he said, kids have have good instincts. they look at the other guy and say well there is a bser, i can tell. president obama is rattled on the defensive. he's running on empty and has nothing left but attacks and insults. with just 11 days ago before election day both camps feel the pressure. likely voters favored romney over the president by one point in a "abc news" washington post. and five points in in the latest gallup tracking poll. an american research poll showed the president with a two-point edge. we should know next week whether the singer me
room. check us out on line at thanks for joining us here in "the war room," we'll see you tomorrow night for current wall-to-wall coverage of the second presidential debate. can't wait. you have a great night everybody. >> eliot: good evening i'm eliot spitzer and this is "viewpoint." the stakes could not be higher for president obama heading into tuesday's second presidential debate. the president had maintained a narrow lead in the polls all summer, especially in the key swing states. but since the first presidential debate, more voters have been taking a second look at mitt romney. now the race is simply too close to call. let's go to the national numbers first. the president trails the former massachusetts governor by two points in the latest gallup tracking poll. mr. obama leads romney by a single point in the politico gwu poll and perhaps giving him solace, likely voters in the absence news "washington post" poll give mr. obama a three-point edge over governor romney. turning to 12 swing states that will almost certainly decide the election the ag
of institutions of higher constitution say do not keep us the freedom-- >> it's very good to see the president of the university of texas on the steps of the supreme court defending this. there are those who are saying to the courts we need this type of administration system. we need today's world to considerate amongst a number of factors who we admit. >> eliot: let's pick up on that thread. you say race alone cannot be the the deter manet factor. has race become a smaller and smaller percentage of what you look at when you measure access to opportunity? >> i think most universities are looking at a wide variety of factors of which race is one. family background, what high school you went to, ethnicity grades, test scores, a whole range of factors, participation in extracurricular activities. no students are alike and it is impossible to create a simple system to evaluate individuals. so race as a factor is one factor at the university of texas among a very long list of excessive 10, 20 factors that they utilize in filling--and this is important--less than half of the slots in the class becau
washington university. thank you for joining us tonight. >> appreciate it eliot. >> working for ambassador rice, the state department, what appears to be evolving understanding about the awful story of what happened in bengahzi. why did ambassador rice make statements so quickly if there was such fluid information flow at the time? why not just remain quiet at that point? >> well any of us who are in front of the podium, you're only as good as the information that you have available at the time. as we all know frequently first reports get key elements wrong. i think there is a legitimate question not so much when the administration came out and said in care justice caveated statements this is the best information that we have available at the time, but they held onto that narrative for probably longer than was necessary. and then fast forward we got yesterday a definitive statement that there was, in fact, no protest. if that fact became an understanding that could have been put forward earlier than on the evening of an important congressional hearing. clearly the state department has stru
where we are in the race. we'd rather be us than them because we're very confident in our ground game. really? from experience i can tell you that's a standard line from a campaign spokesperson when the numbers are against you. meanwhile, obama campaign senior adviser david axelrod told fox news we see a different president obama than in the first debate. >> he's going to be aggressive in making the case of his view where we should go as a country. the other thing that he's certainly going to do we saw governor romney sort of walk away from his own proposals and certainly the president is going to be willing to challenge him on it. >> eliot: you mean the mitt romney we saw in the first debate changed from the far right positions shocking. they tried to run that past ed gillispie. he's here's what he got back. >> the real positions of governor romney. >> eliot: real, at least for the moment. meanwhile, republicans try to make a campaign issue out of the attack in bengahzi, libya, that killed christopher stevens and three other americans. >> folks want to know two things. why wasn't the
in it for us. and remember how republicans handled disaster. this is the legendary reaction that president bush with his director of fema at the time, browning. >> there will be plenty of opportunities to help later on, but right now the immediate concern is to save lives and get food and medicine to people so we can stabilize the situation. again, i want to thank you all browning you're doing heck of a job, fema director is working 24-- [applause] >> cenk: you know what, even brownie said afterwards, the main problem was president bush failed to recognize the magnitude of the storm and did not take precautionary action. that's the problem with the republicans. they don't believe in the government. they don't believe in it. why in the world would we put them in charge of it. look at what romney said, after all the problems under the last republican president under fema, i don't know, why don't we privatize it and make money off it ha, ha, ha. not interested. right before the election he said he's very sympathetic and cares a lot about the storm. quote, out of sensitivity for the millions of ame
for being with us on "viewpoint" tonight. i came away from that debate thinking that the vice president really did the job he needed to do. he stopped the bleeding from last week. some people say he started the bleeding of paul ryan and mitt romney but i think his job in the debate is to end last week for the obama-biden campaign. first i want to ask you, do you think he was able to accomplish that. >> i think he did. he certainly did that last night. he changed the narrative. whether or not the administration was back on its heels, afraid or unable to engage unable to loosen up and take it to the other side, we saw that and more. interestingly enough we have a retroactive answer to why the president last week may be seemed a little stiff, maybe didn't seem so jovial. didn't loosen up and try to engage mitt romney. as we saw last night it can be jarring. not everybody liked it. >> that's something i want to ask you thomas frank this style, are we reading too much into it or did it matter a lot last night. >> it's a vice presidential debate, so by definition it did not matter a whole lot
michael brown on the show here to have him explain that comment a little bit more. he's joining us now. he's cohost with david sirota in denver the cohost a.m. 630khow in denver, the station they're on. michael brown, thank you so much for joining us. >> my pleasure. how are you guys doing? >> cenk: great. so, michael, of course, everybody is wondering about this comment. what in the world do you mean that president obama moved too fast in this case to deal with this storm? >> there's really no explaining because -- the article -- the reporter calls -- talk about the politics of disaster. >> cenk: that's a shame. ironically, we're having trouble with his communication. now by the way of course, there was a giant miscommunication between michael brown and george w. bush. that's why i say ironically because after george bush said he was doing a heck of a job then he, of course, went on to blame michael brown later for all of the problems. then brown wrote a book in which he said president bush was "didn't get it. he
candidate this election cycle. for more, let's go to katrina vanden hovel, thank you for joining us tonight. >> thank you eliot. >> eliot: what is mitt romney? this meese of a fog. he stands for absolutely nothing. >> well, he's reinventing himself as fast as he can. he's fleeing from the man of up for the nomination for tax cuts for the richest and callousness for the47%. the duck and cover the duck and cover that we see is an awareness on the part of the romney-ryan team that their programs are not popular with the american people. they're fudging as fast as they can. >> eliot: let's talk politician. you're right. he began as a moderate governor, who knows what he really thinks in his heart of hearts, none of us can really know. he moves so far right to the primary season then amazed everyone when he chose paul ryan as number two. that was signing an oath of allegiance to the far right. that was not going to work and then he swings back to the middle. why did it take him this long to realize this? >> the republican party has many factions and fractions. they're losing and they're coming b
brought to the u.s. as children to get temporary visas. meanwhile, the ad wars continue. karl rove's super pac will reportedly spend $11 million over the next week to broadcast this ad in eight swing >> this is what president obama said the jobless rate would be if we pass the stimulus. 5.6%. but this is what the jobless rate actually is. 8.1%. the difference? about 3.7 million jobs. >> eliot: the obama campaign has a new ad of its own attacking romney's record on outsourcing at bain capital. >> a company called global tech maximized profits by paying its workers next to nothing under sweatshop conditions in china. when mitt romney led bain, they saw global tech as a good investment. even knowing that the firm promoted its practice of exploiting low-wage labor to its investors. >> eliot: with me tonight here in denver to discuss the topic that should dominate the first half of wednesday's debate, the economy, the former chairman of the colorado republican party g.o.p. strategist dick wadhams and david shuster. t
this. >> i think i have a conservative position on it. just use common sense. we don't need the government to tell us when to go out for halloween or trick-or-treating. if your neighborhood is flooded don't go out. if it's not, go out. >> it's ridiculous for chris christie or anyone to interpret him to say that he's canceling halloween. he can't cancel halloween. >> he just says in new jersey, we had a really bad storm let's all go trick-or-treating in a couple of days. boom he canceled halloween. >> which is by the way common sense and the whole thing doesn't need to be said, but he said i'm going to issue an edict. >> was this another christie gap where he says what's on his mind. >> he was asked about halloween which is a silly thing to be asked when you're talking about people who don't have houses. >> we didn't see the part where the reporter asked the question. >> if he reschedules it for next tuesday, then we might have an issue. [ laughter ] >> cenk: if i were to give him more credit here. he just said that they are in that press conference we showed you that they ar
for joining us. let me start with you eric. did the romney team start invoking momentum because they believed it or they were hoping the media might pick up on it? >> a little bit of both and it worked. you know, even after romney lost that debate, very badly. every poll showed he lost. the cbs poll showed he lost by 30 points. the first candidate ever to have momentum after losing the final debate by 30 points. but they put it out there. karl rove is doing that in 2000 with the bush campaign. he famously said george bush to california two days before the election when he needed to be in florida. but the press picked up and ran with it. politico, some of the other insider publications early in the week, romney's got momentum. he's got momentum. this sort of fits into how the media has covered this race. in the summer and in early fall, when obama was had, it was really tied. now that it's tied, romney is sort of ahead. he sort of gets the benefit of the doubt. but again, you know, you talked about the math and th
-- >> eliot: should the president use this opportunity to thank mitt romney for the individual mandate and then defend it and basically say we both came to the same conclusion, this is necessary as a matter of conservative market-based ideology, this is how you pay for all of the good things we like and this is how you eliminate freeloaders and basically, look at mitt romney and say i dare you to disagree with me. >> obama has done this before. he has commonly said praise romney for this accomplishment. romney's generally response has been if they were going to base something on my legislation they should have consulted me. here's where i disagree. i do think he'll be ready for that line of attack. >> i don't know what his response to it would be. you're right. it is one thing that is in polls not popular. how does romney criticize obama for the individual mandate. >> eliot: is this symptomatic of the entire romney campaign he's where he's been all over the map ideology. he's lost any potential for clarity and thinking.
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